Am I too late for FIRE?

I am now 47  48 years old …. this is a scary statement. I am never one to think about retirement but suddenly, retirement is on the horizon. Like it or not, I need to think about retirement. I always assume that I will retire at 65 or if I’m very lucky, perhaps 60. So am I too late for FIRE?

What is FIRE? It is while researching traditional retirement that I stumble across this exciting concept. FIRE stands for Financially Independent Retire Early.

I read blogs written by 20 somethings who are furiously saving, aiming to FIRE in their 30s. I listen to podcasts hosted by 30 somethings who have already REACHED financial independence. They have retired from their daily grind of 9-5 work.

I could not help but wondered …. have I left it too late? Am I doomed to work till I drop? Is it still possible for me to achieve FIRE, having such a late start?

The answer is I don’t know but I’m certainly going to try …. and have fun while trying … though Retire Early in my situation is probably Retire “Early…ish’.

I decide to write this blog to document my journey, as they say …. and be accountable to you. Join me as I write about my struggles and wins along the way.

It is my sincere hope that in sharing my story, another late starter may decide to jump in and start on the road to Financial Independence. After all, if I can start at this late stage, perhaps you can too.

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Disclaimer: Nothing I write here should be considered as financial advice – these are my opinions only. How I personally manage my money may be vastly different to how you manage yours. Please seek professional financial advice should you need it.