Are you terrified you can't retire
at the traditional retirement age, let alone early?

You are in your 40s or 50s

Suddenly retirement doesn't seem so far away

But you haven't got a clue how much you need to retire

You know (or suspect) you haven't saved enough

You are overwhelmed whenever you think about your money

You don't understand why you have so little to show for all your hard work

What if it’s not too late to start saving?

What if you can reach financial independence?

What if you can work out how to retire comfortably?

What if there is a framework, an Action Plan to guide you every step of the way?


🔥  FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early

 🔥  Financial independence = having enough income to support your lifestyle without working for a wage for the rest of your life

 🔥  Traditionally the FIRE movement is about young people in their 20s reaching financial independence & retiring early in their 30s or 40s

 🔥  We, late starters in our 40s & 50s can use the same strategies to reach FIRE

 🔥  The Late Starter to FIRE Action Plan is a step by step guide, with easy to understand explanations to help you implement those strategies





Figure out your numbers – how much you own,  how much you owe, your expenses, income

Learn how to save an emergency fund, attack your debts, reduce expenses, increase income, set up a spending plan

Start building your wealth with investing & boosting your retirement account. Calculate how much you need to retire & more …

I wished The Late Starter to FIRE Action Plan existed when I was starting out on my own journey

It would have saved me from the agony of second guessing myself & doubting my decisions

I designed the workbook to help you focus on one step at a time and cut through your overwhelm

🔥  No more paralysis by analysis  🔥  No more procrastination  🔥  No more inaction

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”  CS Lewis

 🔥  It is in your power to change the ending

🔥  Take action today, not tomorrow or next week

🔥  Start your FIRE journey today with the Late Starter to FIRE Action Plan & supercharge your retirement plan

🧠 Your money mindset is a set of beliefs, attitudes & feelings you have towards money

🧠 Most of it is unconscious – picked up in childhood & inadvertently influences how you handle money in adulthood

🧠 Our mindset is often what stops us from doing what we know we should do

🧠 Using the 13 Week Companion Journal & Planner together with the Late Starter to FIRE Action Plan will help you in 2 ways

🧠 Implement the steps in the Action Plan while shifting your money mindset

📒 Each week of the Journal corresponds to each step in the Action Plan

📒 Start each week with a positive money affirmation

📒 Use the questions and prompts to journal your thoughts and feelings as you implement each step in the Action Plan 

📒 The Action Plan is very practical and hands on while the Journal gives you the space to reflect and helps you delve deeper into your money mindset, giving you clarity and purpose

📒 At the end of 13 weeks, you will have clarity about where you’re at with your money and a vision for your financial future. You will have a plan to retire and be on your way to financial independence because you’ve implemented the necessary steps

🔥  Clear vision of the future  🔥  Solid plan to get there

🤔  Still thinking? Do you need extra support?

🤔  Do you buy workbooks & courses then life gets in the way and you don’t complete them?

🤔  Do you begin projects enthusiastically then give up when there is no deadline from a spouse, employer or another person?

🤔  Are you worried that you are so bad with money that you’ll just give up?

🤔  Are you scared that the steps required will just be too hard for you?

This is too important!

And I care deeply that you start your FIRE journey TODAY

I want you to have as much TIME as possible to build that retirement you’re dreaming of

Would you like 4 weeks of ACCOUNTABILITY Check Ins with your Action Plan?

Would you like me to help keep you accountable? To have extra support?

How will the Accountability Check Ins work?

1) I email you every week for 4 weeks asking these 5 questions:

Which step are you up to in the Action Plan?

What did you implement this week?

What wins can we celebrate this week?

What are you going to do next week?

Is there anything specific that you are struggling with this week?

2) You commit to spend no more than 20 minutes, answering these questions as honestly as you can and hit REPLY

3) I reply to you within 48 hours

By reflecting on these questions every week, you will

⚡️ gain confidence that you can make changes

⚡️ build momentum to implement changes

⚡️ actually MAKE the changes you need to achieve Financial Independence

My promise to YOU

I will not judge your progress

I am available to encourage and support you for 4 weeks,

as you work through the Action Plan at your own pace

YOU are totally in charge of your ACTIONS

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