Prepare for Emergencies – Chapter 10 Aussie FIRE eBook

Aussie FIRE – The Ultimate Guide to Financial Independence for Australians is an eBook commissioned by Pearler* and compiled by Michelle from Frugality and Freedom.

Each chapter of Aussie FIRE is written by an Australian FIRE blogger, making it  a wonderful crowd sourced guide to Financial Independence, the Australian way.
A total of twenty Australian FIRE bloggers contributed to this epic guide. The guide is divided into five parts, with each part being released weekly.
I am very proud and honoured to have contributed a chapter towards this comprehensive guide. It is now available to be downloaded.
I write about how we can prepare for emergencies by having an emergency fund and adequate insurances. We all embark on a journey to achieve Financial Independence, wishing to be financially secure and attain freedom and options to live our ideal lifestyle.
Having a fully funded emergency fund and various insurances ensure our plan for Financial independence is not jeopardised. It means that emergencies are only a temporary setback and we will get back on track again.
You may also download the other parts and chapters here.

* Pearler is an exciting new Australian online platform to purchase
shares. One of its most exciting offering is their Autoinvest function
whereby you could set up a regular schedule to purchase shares such as ETFs or LICs automatically.

Disclaimer – I’m neither advocating nor recommending that you use Pearler as your online broker or even that you should invest in shares. Please do your own research.

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