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Yay! You are one step closer to financial independence … the Late Starter to FI Getting Started Checklist is making its way to your in box! However, if you feel you need more than a checklist to help you along the way, my Late Starter to FIRE Action Plan is the answer.


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🔥  What if it’s not too late to start saving?

🔥  What if you can reach financial independence?
🔥  What if you can work out how to retire comfortably?
🔥  What if there is a framework, an Action Plan to guide you every step of the way?


🔥  Are you in your 40s or 50s?

 🔥  Think you are too old to start your Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) journey?

 🔥  Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start?

 🔥  Terrified that you can’t retire at the traditional retirement age, let alone early?

 🔥  Would you like a step by step guide with easy to understand explanations, written by a fellow late starter who understands what you are going through?





Figure out your numbers – how much you own,  how much you owe, your expenses, income

Learn how to save an emergency fund, attack your debts, reduce expenses, increase income, set up a spending plan

Start building your wealth with investing & boosting your retirement account. Calculate how much you need to retire & more …

I wished The Late Starter to FIRE Action Plan existed when I was starting out on my own journey

It would have saved me from the agony of second guessing myself & doubting my decisions

I designed the workbook to help you focus on one step at a time and cut through your overwhelm

🔥  No more paralysis analysis  🔥  No more procrastination  🔥  No more inaction

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”  CS Lewis

 🔥  It is in your power to change the ending

🔥  Take action today, not tomorrow or next week

🔥  Start your FIRE journey today with the Late Starter to FIRE Action Plan

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