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I have one more offer for you … because I truly want to help you figure out your numbers, set up your systems and start investing for your future  – this is all in the Late Starter to FIRE Action Plan, a 90+ page workbook that will guide you step by step.

But I also get that you’ve signed up to a LOT of courses and workbooks at the moment so you’re probably thinking … will I be able to complete this Late Starter to FIRE Action Plan in a timely fashion?

That is why I’m offering you my 4 week Accountability Check In Package at a discounted price – $39 instead of the regular price of $50 but it’s only available for the next 30 minutes. I do not offer this discount anywhere else again.


How will the Accountability Check Ins work?

1) I email you every week for 4 weeks asking these 5 questions:

Which step are you up to in the Action Plan?

What did you implement this week?

What wins can we celebrate this week?

What are you going to do next week?

Is there anything specific that you are struggling with this week?

2) You commit to spend no more than 20 minutes, answering these questions as honestly as you can and hit REPLY

3) I reply to you within 48 hours

By reflecting on these questions every week, you will

⚡️ gain confidence that you can make changes

⚡️ build momentum to implement changes

⚡️ actually MAKE the changes you need to achieve Financial Independence

My promise to YOU

I will not judge your progress

I am available to encourage and support you for 4 weeks,

as you work through the Action Plan at your own pace

YOU are totally in charge of your ACTIONS

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, the Accountability Check Ins are FOR YOU!

🤔  Do you need extra support?

🤔  Do you buy workbooks & courses then life gets in the way and you don’t complete them?

🤔  Do you begin projects enthusiastically then give up when there is no deadline from a spouse, employer or another person?

🤔  Are you worried that you are so bad with money that you’ll just give up?

🤔  Are you scared that the steps required will just be too hard for you?

This is too important!

And I care deeply that you start your FIRE journey TODAY

I want you to have as much TIME as possible to build that retirement you’re dreaming of

That is why I’m offering you 4 weeks of ACCOUNTABILITY Check Ins with your Action Plan


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”  CS Lewis

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